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Lessons in leather repair

One advantage of leather as an upholstery material is that various types of damage are remarkably easy to repair. All that’s needed is a little bit of handiwork skill and patience, professional repair products and, of course, the technical knowledge to do the repair. The last two of those you can obtain from special lessons on leather repairs with LCK. We offer 1-2 day courses where you can pick up sound technical knowledge about leather repairs from the LCK leather experts. Then, in the practical part of the course you can put your newly acquired knowledge into practice straight away. You will become familiarised with the correct application of professional repair products, and practice on the right leather.

People who have taken the course are always enthusiastic about their new skills and appreciative of the tremendous benefits and cost savings that result. Has a leather chair been damaged due to carelessness during delivery? Has a display item become so shop-soiled that it can no longer be offered for sale? No problem, learn how you can solve the problem yourself in such cases on an LCK training course.


· Professional cleaning / Removing particular types of stains from leather

· Repairing abrasions / cracks / cuts / scratches / holes

· Professional colour mixing for repairs or re-colouring

The training courses are mainly held in the LCK Training Center at the company headquarters in Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany. However, lessons on your own premises can also be arranged. Depending on the course, participant numbers are limited to 3 to 7 people for maximum effectiveness.

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