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Pure aniline: untreated and exclusive

Original, untreated, elegant, high quality. Leather with a fully unique character.

It is fully impregnated with dye, but otherwise largely natural. The individual skin pores are still very clearly visible as hair-thin holes. If you rub your fingernail along the surface, it will leave a "trace", but this polishes itself out again through daily use.

Since only flawless and scar-free hides can be used, which are rare, purely aniline-dyed leathers are much more expensive than pigmented leathers. Its natural, untreated surface makes it very soft, warm and sensually pleasing. The open skin pores allow a high level of breathability.The leather adapts to body temperature in no time.

Due to the untreated surface, pure aniline is unfortunately very sensitive and prone to stains and signs of wear. It develops an individual character over time, this "patina" adds to the charm of aniline leathers.

A detailed close-up of pure aniline. The skin pores are clearly recognisable.