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LCK leather database

Selecting the appropriate cleaning and care products is of particular importance for leather. Each type of leather has individual material properties, and therefore different demands on care. In the worst case, you can even destroy your leather if you use unsuitable cleaners.

In order to provide our customers with absolute safety in leather care, we have been maintaining an internal leather database for decades, which now includes more than 70,000 samples of tested material.

Since the mid-eighties, tanneries, upholstered furniture manufacturers and other leather processing companies have been sending samples of their latest leather collections to us. As soon as we receive these, they are subjected to various tests in the laboratory, and only after a successful result do we issue the appropriate care recommendation. We archive all of these leather samples.

All of these archive entries are to be found online in our leather database. We make these available to our customers, manufacturers and end users free of charge, and everyone benefits from them. Upholstered-furniture manufacturers receive fewer complaints, which can be caused by incorrect care. And, with the ideal care, end customers can increase the life span of their leather furniture and enjoy their furniture for longer.