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LCK - the leather care expert

The LCK success story began in 1984.

Back then, the company’s founders were trading in leather for the upholstered furniture industry and they came to realise that there were no really suitable products available for cleaning and caring for such fine furniture leathers. This fact led us to develop and manufacture our own care products to adequately and permanently preserve the wonderful properties of the demanding natural material.

In cooperation with the Lederinstitut Gerberschule Reutlingen Leather Institute Tanning School and well-known German tanneries and leading upholstered furniture manufacturers, we invested our entire experience into the research and development of high-quality cleaning and care products for leather. In the early nineties we launched our first professional leather cleaning and care range on the market under the brand names KERAGIL® and KERALUX®. Well-known upholstered furniture manufacturers such as ROLF BENZ, KOINOR, COR, de Sede and Musterring have recommended our products to their customers ever since as the best leather care products. Over the course of time we have added high-quality cleaning and care products for fabric or artificial leather upholstered furniture to our range, along with products for wooden and stone furniture.

Today, as the leading German manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and care products for furniture, LCK is a synonym for the highest quality. Top quality is a reality in every area of our company. We bring together our research laboratory, the production line, our advice and repair service and our sales under one roof, both online and offline, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Incidentally, we also look after, for example, the leather covers of leading airline companies, who regularly visit us for cleaning and repairs. And we are also responsible for ensuring that holiday makers enjoy clean leather seating on a large number of well-known cruise ships.