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Refreshing the colour

What to do if the colour of your sofa has faded

If the colour of your leather sofa has lost some of its freshness over the years or has actually faded away altogether in some places, that is no reason to go out and buy a new piece of leather furniture.

You can brighten up minor fading yourself quite easily with the aid of our KERALUX® colour lotion, which will be individually made up to your requirements. We will show you how this is made exactly to the original colour pattern here:

In the event of severe fading, one of our leather experts will help you and professionally recolour the leather.

There are a large number of reasons for leather fading: Maybe the leather was not protected with the KERALUX® Care Lotion with light protection, or it was too close to the window and placed in direct sunlight.  Whatever the reason, we can help you.


Slight fading:

Slightly faded leather furniture can be restored to its former glory with the KERALUX® Colour Refreshing Set. We can supply the KERALUX® Colour Lotion in 20 standard colours, from white to black, for smooth leather or nubuck leather. Modern leather upholstered furniture comes in a huge variety of colours and not all shades can be covered with the standard colours. We therefore provide a special service, our KERALUX® Colour Lotion matched to a sample. This means that we mix the colour specially to match your leather. Therefore, you can be certain the colour is absolutely the same as the original colour of your sofa. How does that work?

It’s quite simple. You send us a small piece of your leather (e.g. from the bottom, from the inside seam of a cushion, etc.) as a sample. We will then scan the colour shade of your sample with the aid of a modern colour mixing computer in our laboratory to produce the exact match to your colour. We will then mix the colour individually for you:

 Einlesen  Mischen  Labor_Farbe
The leather sample is scanned in digitally. The calculated colour recipe is displayed The colour tone is mixed exactly to this colour recipe The finished colour lotion matches the leather sample from the customer exactly

Interested? Here is a link to the shop:


Severe fading:

If the colour of the leather has severely faded, only a specialist can help. Depending on how soiled the leather is, it will first be cleaned thoroughly, and then re-coloured.

Uwe_Farbspritzen The leather is re-coloured professionally.

A final intensive care treatment protects the leather cover against new colour losses. By the way, re-dyeing to a different colour is also possible, but only to a darker colour than the original.

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